Woven Rug and Cushion Covers

Lyn's SaoriLyn's Saori Cushion Cover
These pieces were woven on a Saori loom.  My Sister-In-Law wanted a rug for just in front of the TV.  I did up a few pieces and she fell in love with it.  The rug is 220cm long x 80cm wide.  I made 4 pieces in the lighter colour and the area only wanted 2.  I did like the look of at least 3 panels for the effect  of the pattern to look more in tune, however this is exactly what Judy wanted and some of the darker pieces are being made into 4 Cushion covers, along with
a full Table Runner.  It was all made from Hand Spun Wool and lots of the grey is Alpaca.  The Warp was Black and done on 40cm warp.  It does look great and she had been searching for what she wanted for ages.  This is exactly it, so another great story.
By Lyn A.

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