The Latch Hook Rug

Naomi's Latch Hook Rug

For Christmas at fourteen years old we gave Naomi a latch hook rug to make.  I bought the wool and mesh at Grace Brothers, or what now is Myers, 36 years ago on sale and didn’t like any of the designs as they were small.  I thought I’d buy a descent size, not knowing how time consuming it would be.  Naomi did the edge of beige and then gave up.  I did the rest in bits and pieces, as it measured approximately one and a half metres long and one metre wide.  It was a mammoth job.  It took 22,800 pieces of wool, and to use one group of 320 pieces of pre-cut wool took about two and a half hours.  As Naomi’s 50th birthday was coming up I thought I would finish it.  I latch hooked all day and half the night for many, many days and got it done a week after her birthday.  Wow.  By Bev S.

I remember sitting in the loungeroom latch-hooking for many hours doing that edge that I completed at fourteen.  I put it away always intending to get back to that rug one day, but I’m glad mum finished it for me.  It looks great and I love it.  Naomi.

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