Some Good Old Knits


Check this out ladies.  A blast from the past, this photo is from a McCall’s Accessories to Knit and Crochet magazine from the 1970s.  The title of the pattern is ‘Hat, Scarf and Muff’.  The hat and scarf are pretty classic designs that would stand the test of time.  I can see people nowadays wearing these.  The muff looks like a shoulder bag to me so I guess that must be the somewhat unfortunate name given to such a style of bag in the 70s.  The yarn was called Chanteleine Naturelle which sounds quite French.  Ooh la la!  The 1970s really did use a lot of brown and beige didn’t they?

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  1. How absolutely deeevine! Would love to knit the Hat for members of my family who live where it’s really cold in winter, i.e. playground duty in winter in Crookwell!!

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