School Holiday Scarf

I was searching for a pattern last week that was reasonably quick, reasonably easy as I haven’t crocheted for a while, and one that would work well with handspun.  I found the ‘One Skein Scarf’ pattern in Debbie Stoller’s ‘Stitch and Bitch Crochet – The Happy Hooker’ which is quite a mouthful for a book title.  I hand-dyed the wool a lovely burgundy colour, or perhaps claret, which you can’t really see properly in the photos.  Oh, well.  I then spun the wool, let it sit for a while and then got to crocheting.  And hey presto – I now have a nifty scarf, which you can wrap several times on a cold day as it’s pretty long, or once for a not so cold one.

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