Sandra’s Weaving

These pieces were made by Sandra on the Knitters Loom. This knee rug was made of all hand spun wool. This was made for her friend who had a hand spun wool jumper. Sandra unpicked the jumper, with the help of Anne and wove this beautiful knee rug. She added some extra colours into the warp for this beautiful colourful rug. The Scarf was made by Sandra from commercial wool. How warm will this be. By Lyn A.


  1. I’m happy to see you have re-birthed some lovely handspan wool, Sandra.
    I knitted a hexagon rug and crocheted it together with commercial Patons Herwick wool that my mother had used to knit a jumper for dad.
    I unpicked the jumper and plan to use it in various items for family members. It takes a l-o- n-g time for wool to deteriorate If the little chewing creatures don’t beat us to it!

  2. Sandra, you are doing fabulous things. The world is yours so you can just go for it.
    Inspiration is a wonderful thing. xx

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