Ruth new aussie

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On Thursday 16th March, Bruce and Lyn were very honoured to be part of Ruth and Geoff’s citizenship ceremony. We attended the council chambers in Gosford along with their daughter Zoe and grandaughter Emily. It was a beautiful and emotional time and what a wonderful sight to witness all these new Australians receiving their certificates, flags and trees and being made so very welcome by the representatives at the ceremony. We were entertained by the Town Crier, along with the Barbershop Quartet, singing their hearts out. We felt immensely proud to have so many making a pledge to our country. They were all so very proud and happy and it made us feel honoured to be in their presence. A huge commitment by all of them. Now as we welcome our very own Ruth and Geoff, we can say “welcome aboard” and wish them all the best in the years to come. We feel they will make a huge contribution to our country and we know to our guild. We also had a lovely morning tea after our March General meeting for Ruth. Ruth is being very dignified in her new sunglasses and eating small pavlovas with all the trimmings. Lamingtons, pavlovas, Anzac biscuits and Caramello Koala’s were the food of the day. We all had a beautiful time. Bruce and Lyn. xxx

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