Record plates

Record Plates
These Records have been made ready for the Gathering in 2016. The album covers will be used as place mats. The albums will be used as plates. It does not matter about the holes as these will be used for finger food only.  The bowls are for lollies, fruit and nuts.  To make these, firstly it is best to have a scratched record as then you are not ruining a good record. (How is it ruined as it looks fabulous?)  You then put the record on an upturned ovenproof utensil which is covered with baking paper.  I used a cheese cake base to do the plates and for the small bowls a baked bean tin.  For a larger bowl I use a stainless steel bowl or larger tin.  Place all on a flat tray lined with baking paper and pop into a warm oven (approx 160 C), to mould over the utensil. Keep an eye on this as if you leave it too long the record goes all mottley. This process does not take long and looks great. Make sure you open doors and windows for ventilation.  It is not too bad though. Have fun, by Lyn A.

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