Port Stephens

On Wednesday 22nd March, Lyn and Julie went to visit Port Stephens for the Nelson Bay group of Spinners and Weavers. (Lyn was asked to do a demo day on the looms). So off they set, with the looms in the back and had a wonderful day. It is so very rewarding to visit other groups of like minded people. Everyone has so much to learn and we were all the richer for it. The top section of this Gallery is the shop of all the different groups that meet there. The Spinners and Weavers are in the room at the bottom right. They put on a wonderful morning tea, lunch and made sure we were well fed and watered so to speak. They all jumped onto the looms to try and were very keen to see the way things were done. They had a couple of visitors from Tea Gardens and along with lots of laughs and a farewell to their President Merilyn, moving to the Mittagong area, everyone did enjoy the day. A couple of new comers popped in on the day and fell in love with the Saori. So after a few hours of fun and feeling so much better for our visit, Julie and Lyn packed up and returned home with all the more enthusiasm towards everything. Julie B and Lyn A.

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  1. Sounds like a terrific day……one just can’t help revving up at functions like these…….lovely that you two gals could go along and just show how it is all done in the most enjoyable way!!

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