Debbie & Lyn Poppies 2At the beginning of the year we received an invitation from Newcastle Spinners and Weavers to take part in the poppy project.  The target was originally 5000 for the whole project, but grew to 25,000 reasonably quickly.  Apparently the girls who started the project believe they will now get closer to 50,000 poppies donated by March 2015 for the Anzac Day centenary.  We made over 300 poppies for the display here at our guild. Groups similar to our own are also making the poppies. The poppies were knitted, crocheted, felted and sewn. The most labour intensive were produced from wool which was hand-dyed, felted, cut out by hand and assembled to produce the desired poppy shape. Each poppy was labelled with the name of the maker.  Some included personal remembrance messages. The poppy project will be “planting” a field of all the poppies in Federation Square, Melbourne.


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