Out of The Deep

Out of the DeepThis textile was created for an exhibition of works presented by members of  the Australian Textile And Surface Decoration Association (ATASDA), in the Palm House Gallery in the Sydney Botanic Gardens.  
It embodies qualities of Planet Earth oceans, from the deep, dark ocean floor, up through swirling, pulsing currents of sea water to the upper layers where sunlight penetrates the surface.  
The hand-dyed background has been overlaid with appliqued shapes, knitted textile comprising torn fabric strips combined with yarn, and hand stitched mesh.  The texture of this mesh allows me to create a feeling of fluid movement.  It also provides transparency which lets the viewer see into the silent, pressing depths of the ocean, to glimpse the shadowy movement of sea creatures.
  The stitched and appliqued circles in the mesh represent the constant rolling motion of the sea. There is more light and colour in these shapes as they move toward the surface.
  The knitted textile pieces compound the horizontal watery movement, act as portholes and add tactile appeal.  By Jenny.

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