Naomi’s Shawl

I wanted to make a nuno felted shawl for an 18th birthday gift.  Everything started out undyed except for the orange silk.  I used food colouring to dye wool, silk and mohair in black and brown.  The wool and mohair took up the dye well but the silk turned out blue which still looks nice.

Naomi's WrapHere is the wrap still wet and the dye is still coming out of the silk.  When I took it home I rinsed it many times before it settled to a much paler blue than when I originally dyed the silk.

Naomi wearing the wrap





Here I am wearing the finished product which I am very pleased with, even though it turned out nothing like I expected!


  1. Exquisite, Naomi…….what a very lucky 18th birthday person to be receiving your beautiful shawl……it’s really up there in fashion stakes!!!

  2. How beautiful is your clever and elegant creation, Naomi……. I think it would be quite acceptable at any “Red Carpet” function!!

  3. Looks stunning Naomi

  4. Why thank you girls. I am pleased with it.

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