Naomi’s Handspun

This is pretty much the most expensive skein I have spun so far.  First I spun a chunky single with some yellow, green and reddish fleece that I had laying around, but it’s what it’s plied with that contains the story.  I was given a beautiful, green scrappy batt from Felt Fine.  I love spinning scrappy batts and this time I wanted to see how fine I could spin it.  It took me ages to spin the whole batt as thin and neat as I could.  I thought I would ply it with silk thread to give it strength and a bit more sheen. The batt had Angelina fibres in it so it already had some sparkle.  I headed off to Spotlight and got myself some silk thread and I was ready to ply my lovely single.  I very soon realised that I had not thought this through properly, as the silk thread ran out after a couple of minutes.  I had only bought 100m and my single was several hundred.  Oh, bother!  So I had to ply the rest with something else, but the 100m I already had, I used to ply with my chunky single.  I’m happy with how it turned out, but a lot more time and money went into this skein than you would think.

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