Naomi’s handspun

This bobbin is filled with a beautiful, soft fibre consisting of merino, alpaca, camel and silk which was given as a gift to me by Lyn. It was so lovely to spin.

After settling on the bobbin for a couple of days, here it is skeined up. I can’t wait to make something out of this that will sit next to the skin. Heavenly!

The green skein was made using a mixed breed fleece which was washed by my mum for me. Lucky me. I then hand-dyed the fleece, then put it through the drum carder a few times. I was then able to spin it quite finely, and then plied it to create this finely spun yarn. The chunky spun skein was made using some left over bits and pieces, some hand-dyed by me and some by Bev and Lyn.

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