Moody Sky Rug


Moody Sky RugI would like to thank everyone who participated in our rug for next years raffle.  The inspiration for “Moody Sky” came from some mixing of fibres that we did at the cottage and one of the colourways we called Moody Sky.  Such a lovely ring to it and the imagination went wild.  The dyeing & spinning was taken from there.  The wool/alpaca mixture was dyed, carded, spun and plied  to give it the standout textures.  This was left at the Cottage for the members to do whatever they chose in any design and then we fitted it all together like a giant jig saw puzzle.  This was all then pinned onto a sheet to keep it together until the stitching and joining began.   The gaps had to be filled with crochet or knitting and edges formed to shape up for the borders.  This rug ticked all the boxes with all our members being able to contribute.  Eighty-six skeins of wool/alpaca were used in the making of this rug. (A mammoth task on it’s own.)  I would really love to take this opportunity to thank everyone and that includes the quilters, knitters, and textile arts groups all working in with the spinners and weavers.  This shows just how harmony works for the benefit of the Guild and all who belong and attend our groups.
A mammoth effort from all our very talented groups and for this I would like to thank you all personally.  Lyn A.

Too see what it looked like before we stitched it together, click here.

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