Melbourne Cup

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Debbie certainly knows how to put on a great party.  Her Hallowe’en themed Melbourne Cup do was fantastic.  Dressing up was optional so a few of us put on scary or not so scary costumes for the afternoon.  Debbie’s house was superbly decorated and the food was delicious and very creative.  With names like Guacamouldy, Pea Swamp and Devils on Horseback, the menu sounded disgusting but tasted just amazing.

We played a few party games; one that involved creating a supernatural knitting character so here’s an example of one – My name is Knitty Noni and I live at the Purl Palace.  My supernatural powers are to spin my own yarns from native grasses and to control spiders to spin silk for me to knit with.  I wear a long dress made with knitted spider silk and Gymea Lily fibres, and  a hat, gloves and boots made with felt containing wool and dandelion puff balls.  My motto is ‘you can use anything in the bush to make what you need’, and my special talent is getting those around me to make more things for themselves – what a superhero!

Then on to the race.  We did the usual sweep of course, and Bev won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  She did have an advantage after purchasing most of the leftover horses so the law of averages was in her favour.

Everyone had a wonderful time and probably didn’t need much dinner that evening.  Thanks so much Debbie for being a superb host.


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