Mangrove Mountain Country Fair

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This year’s Mangrove Mountain Country Fair was fantastic.  There were plenty of people there and our stall was busy all day.

Bev made some hanging bags for the wool which we had pre-dyed, so we grabbed the colours which the visitors chose, put them through the carder, then they chose either felting with Lyn, or handspun bracelets with Naomi.  Some of the children did both.

Lyn had some very keen felters at her table, and the children loved their bracelets, with many running off to find their friends to bring them over for a bracelet of their own.

The local viking group had their tent sent up a couple of stalls away so we could see (and hear) them having mock battles.  They were very interested in our use of wool and other natural fibres, as they use wool fabric to make their outfits, which looked awesome, and very authentic.

We had two vocal cows right next to us, and we made a very colourful wool necklace for Benny the donkey, and even spun some of his own hair into it.  He looked very handsome.

We had so many people stop by our stall asking questions about what we were doing, with genuine interest, so it was a really satisfying day.

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