Lyn’s Seaside Rug

Seaside rug

This Rug has been designed and made by Lyn A.  The measurements of the rug are 206cm long x 182cm wide.  I found this inspiration in a photo.  This rug is made up of 90% hand spun, hand dyed wool fleece, alpaca, silk and cotton and some commercial yarn was used for the warp.  This was done on our boat while travelling. The weaving was done on a Sampleit loom.

Lyn's seaside rug
The Sand: woven on the loom in two separate panels.
The Background Sand: woven with the fleece and extras woven in.
The Water:  woven with the white yarn (to represent the surf) woven into the panel.
Crochet and Knitting is done to create the water with the white yarn throughout.
The Sky:  knitting and crochet with fleece to represent the clouds.
The Shells:  knitted and crochet with felted green pieces added for effect.
A Weave-it square has been added on the left with a French Knitted long strand used.
The borders are woven and fleece and yarn woven into it for the overall finish.

Lyn's seaside rug
I have loved making this from start to finish. You can (Feel the love).
Hours of work:  I would never be able to estimate, as the dyeing, spinning, plying, knitting, crochet, weaving is an act of love.
I hope you enjoy viewing the rug, as I have enjoyed making it. Thanks.
By Lyn A.

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