Lyn’s Saori Weaving

Lyn’s Week with Kaz Maddigan in her Saori Studio.  “Self-Innovation through Free Weaving”

Wow what a wonderful week I have had and am still having.  Bruce and I arrived in Old Bar for a session on the Saturday, with Sue Berlach, at the Studio of Kaz Maddigan.  Kaz does many types of weaving, along with the Saori Weaving and is known as “Curious Weaver” in her Business.  She has been a weaver for 30 years and there is nothing Kaz does not know.  Sue and I had a wonderful session in the studio and Sue took away her beautiful woven piece.  I left mine on the loom as I then decided to purchase one. (Bruce tells me that I had my mind made up all the time and just wanted him to think otherwise.)  I spent Tuesday all day at the Studio, warping up my new loom, learning and weaving.  Actually the Saori loom is easy to warp.  You can purchase the warps already done and you just attach and thread.  That is why I was never a weaver, as I did not like the idea of all the warping.  
Saori weaving is all about the colour.  You choose the colour and away you go with the creative feeling within you.  That is so very true as you can add anything, do anything and express yourself to your hearts content.  Nothing goes unused.   I loved every moment and finished my scarf  (which is not just a scarf, as you wear Saori weaving as garments as well.) I also started another on my new loom.  Away I go, and there is no end in sight.  Wednesday morning I spent again with Sue at the Wingham Spinners and Weavers.  What a busy lot they are.  So many things happening in one room.  There were about twenty-five people and all so very busy.    They welcomed me with open arms and told me how their old member, Gay Brown (and Billy) had done so much work around the building and inside. (Why does that not surprise me).  Good on you Gay and Billy, but luckily we have you with us now.  After leaving at lunch time, I then went back to Kaz and finished off.  Now that I am broke, but not battered and beaten, I will be able to start my new stage of my life, to let the creative juices flow.  My new loom is safely tucked up, tied up and covered in the back seat of the car and is now ready to start its new adventure under the control of Lyn. (Poor thing it will be overworked.)  As a matter of interest, we could run the bus up here for a couple of days of Saori weaving in sessions.  Sounds good to me.  All take care and see you in November.  By Lyn A.

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