Lyn Spinning




























Lyn is not often seen spinning at the cottage because she is always so busy helping others or doing things that need to be done.  Here she is in her sunny apron spinning a beautiful pale blue wool with pale pink mohair accents which we mixed on our fibre preparation day recently.  We called this combination ‘Moody Sky’ and this will be used in our rug project. Also on the day, our new spinner Vicki was spinning her own fleece and then learned how to ply.  She is going very well.  Our own VickiW was spinning  some lovely blue-green tops.  Olive was doing her solomon’s knot in a lavender colour, creating another one of her soft, luscious scarves, and MeganT was knitting some more of her tunic, which is nearing completion.  Naomi got into a mess in the end with all the old girls playing (trying to be of assistance)  with her extra length off the bobbin during plying. Funny to watch from a distance.  By Lyn.

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