Jenni’s Sampleit Weavings

Below are some examples of my first attempts at weaving on the lovely little Sampleit Loom which I borrowed over the Christmas period. I have used wool I dyed with food colouring and chose early spinning efforts where the plying is very loose.

The result is a stringy effect throughout the weaving. The white sections are woven strips of torn sheeting with the knotted joins featured.

The pieces below contain strips of fibre which I found on the trading table. I like the texture of them but found them difficult at the ends of each row.

They are also too coarse and scratchy to be worn around the neck but fine for a table runner or placemats. By Jenni.


  1. Excellent results Jenni…….nice to see you taking on a new craft as well as spinning and, and, and……. Maybe you could make a new Kindle cover out of one of them!

  2. Go Jenni, You are doing some beautiful work. The little sampleit loom is never ending.

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