Incoming Tide

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIntending to cull my “stash” of patterns, craft ideas and inspirational pictures I looked through them and found some pictures of “weaving” from the McCalls magazines I used to hoard from the 1970’s (those were the days !!) Finding a few pictures of weaving I was inspired to try my hand and with Gay’s advice started by just using a picture frame – I found various types of wool and acrylic yarn, and devised a pattern of waves coming into the shore – and it was fun. Margaret also gave me a few tips on how to “join” different slabs of colour and I was off. I then finished off with some shells that I had and Kay gave me some organic stuff (Old Man’s beard) which is woven in and around the shells. I found some necklaces that were around and draped them on the frame and hey presto – one picture. Of course I never actually culled my stash !!! By Eileen.

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