Felting Days at the Cottage

Felting days at the cottage are by appointment only, so if you are keen to do some felting, please contact us and we will sort something out.
On these days we can do anything.
Wet Felting / Nuno Felting / Needle Felting.
We can show you how to wash, prepare & card your own fleece.
There is no limit to what you can do.
We look forward to meeting you if you would like to do some felting with us.

We do have the items below on hand at the cottage if you would like to try it.  Just come along and we will get you started.
(Feel free to phone Lyn on 0419 408140 if you would like to arrange anything.)

Items to bring for Wet & Nuno Felting.

  • Non Slip Matting bigger than the size you want to felt. This can be purchased by the roll from discount stores.
  • A round stick or poly pipe (to go inside the matting to roll), a little wider then the matting.
  • Bubble wrap the length of the roll.
  • At least 3 towels.
  • Wool Mix or detergent or similar to mix with water.
  • Spray Bottle or Water bottle to use hot water. (Can also use a dish with a plastic bag to put the water over the net or screen.)
  • Netting or Flyscreen at least the size you want to felt.
  • Fleece or tops, Alpaca or whatever you wish to felt.
  • Fabric if you want to Nuno felt onto.

Happy felting!