Dyeing Day


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We did a spot of wool and alpaca dyeing on Tuesday.  A few of the ladies wanted to see how microwave dyeing with food colouring is done, so Naomi did a short demonstration for those interested.  We started off by weighing our fibre.  Each batch was 50g which we put aside in a container of water from the tap to soak. Marianne wanted to dye some of her commercial wool so we added that to one of the containers. We then decided upon colours.  Each dyelot has water, dye and vinegar (as a fixative) added, then into the microwave it goes.  After cooling down, the water left in the container should be clear.  Once the fibre is rinsed, it is then squeezed lightly and spread out to dry.  Voila!  We now have beautiful hand-dyed fibre to spin.  More photos and a tutorial to come so watch this post.

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