Coasters for a Cuppa

Ruth Coaster
Ruth is part of the team making these little coasters for a cuppa with a friend. Lyndall and Jenni are looking on although they are busy with them as well. These will be for the Exhibition.  All full steam ahead.
Gwenda Coaster
Gwenda shows off one of the coasters she is working on. They all look so beautiful, it would make you want a cuppa.
Jane Coaster
Jane is busy with the team of coaster workers. A well earned cuppa at the end I would say.
Lyndall Coaster
Lyndall is displaying part of the stash of coasters.  She has had so much fun making these with the group. Lyndall loves her tea, so no doubt she will have her cup on one of these.
Jenny's Labels
Jenni is sewing on the tags for the coasters. This has been such a wonderful team effort and one to be very proud of. Who would not love to have a cup of tea, with one of these coasters to rest it on.

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  1. Congratulations everyone…….they look “ab-fab” and should “coast” out the door!!

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