Central Coast Grammar School Fete

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On Friday we went out to set up the stand.  All the members got into it and in no time at all it was done.  Saturday morning back on deck and it led to a very quiet day.  “Where were all the people”.  Still as we all know you have to take the good with the bad.  The last fair was very good to us.  Even though not a lot was sold, some of our members were able to exchange between themselves and we were all happy anyway.  Beth, as you can see in the photos, was onto anyone who came within cooee, selling some of the decorations we had for the Gathering, while Julie, Gay, Olive, Fi, Bev and Kathryn spun and weaved their yarns, verbally and physically. They showed everyone how it is done.  Noelene kept control of everyone and showed us all how to sell a surf buggy, a table decoration from the Gathering.  Kay, Jenni and Lyn danced their way around with the clothes rack.  Jane arrived in time for the big pack up and ran back and forth. We all tried, but the people just were not spending.  Gwenda and Louise popped in to check us out.  HOWEVER, the amount of interest shown in the “Forest Floor Rug” was amazing. The effort by all in the guild did not go unnoticed.  A truly amazing piece of art.  All who went and worked, had fun.  Thank you all for your hard work and enthusiasm.  By Lyn A.

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