Anne’s Petticoat

Anne is always making petticoats.  She makes them for the costume department of the Gosford Musical Society.  They always need more petticoats apparently, so Anne is constantly sewing more which keeps her very busy.

Forest Floor Rug

Forest Floor Rug

This beautiful rug was designed and created as a collaborative effort by our members using ninety percent handspun, hand dyed wool fleece, alpaca, silks, cotton and camel, and made using a combination of knitting, crochet, weaving, French knitting, weave-it squares, felting and sewing techniques. This was originally designed and the wool all hand spun to create the textures in this stunning piece of art. The weaving was done on a Sampleit loom. The hours of work are too many to be estimated, however it was made with love. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine walking through the forest on this beautiful unique rug which is 187cm wide and 226cm long. A big thank you to all those who put in so many hours to create this magnificent piece.

Forest Rug

Some of the ladies working on the rug.

Linda’s Baby Clothes

Linda's Baby ClothesThese beautiful clothes and the blanket behind were made by Linda for a preterm baby in her family.  The detail in these clothes is amazing.  Linda’s work is always so neat and she has taken extra care with the dress, cape and blanket for this baby which is so special to her.  So much love has gone into this ensemble.

Linda's Cape

Lyn and Amanda’s Vinyl Album Bags

Vinyl album bag


Amanda and Lyn are busy making their record bags for our next exhibition. To make the bags, the records are drilled with a press drill to get the required number of holes.  The gusset is made for the bag and then stitched together.  All in all a bit of work involved, however what a great bag for everyone to stop and comment on. By Lyn A.