Quilting Raffle

We are holding a raffle to collect money towards the replenishing of our wadding and material stockpile which has recently been diminished by our participation in the Blue Mountains Fire Appeal.  We supplied 20 quilts and assisted in finishing another 15 which, together with many donations from all round the country, were given to all those who lost their homes in the recent fires.  Prizes are shown below.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis crazy quilt was a joint project by our Wednesday morning group.  Each person creates a square so apart from the matching centres, they are all unique but still complementary, and combine to create a bright and beautiful quilt.

DSCF5685This pure woollen blanket was made by our Tuesday group.  The wool was handspun by the group and we asked our best knitters to knit the squares and stitch them all together.  What a lovely warm blanket to snuggle under on cold winter evenings.

Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

Feral Goats

We had two goat skins hanging on the cottage wall that needed a bit of dressing up,  so Bev designed a very colourful wall hanging to display the fleeces.  The white fleece is from a Cashmere Goat, and the grey is from an Angora Goat, giving mohair fibre.  The vivid background was inspired by the red soil at Cobar.  Bev carded a rather large amount of Merino fleece, dyed it using the microwave dying method using Queen’s food colouring, and felted it onto a piece of hessian.  The possum was then needle felted over the top (can you spot the possum?)Feral Goats Bev's 1.