Wool Bowls

Lyn Hilton from our neighbours, The Potter’s Society, has made some lovely pottery wool bowls for all our knitters and crocheters.  It stops your ball from rolling all over the place.  Won’t stop your cat from attacking it though.  We love Lyn’s beautiful bowls.

Lee’s Hats

Lee has been super busy making hats for the winter.  The top left hat was made using wool dyed during Trudie’s dyeing day.  The two bottom left were both made using Lee’s handspun which was dyed with natural dyes.  Most of the hats were done on a knitting loom.

Erica’s Jumper

Erica has just completed this beautiful linen jumper.  The coloured section she has had for a couple of years, but did not have enough yarn to finish, so Erica recently bought the neutral coloured yarn to finish her project, and the result was well worth the wait.