Lee’s Bookcover

Lee turned wool fleece into felt to start this project, adding silk pieces to the surface.  She used food colouring to dye the wool and then folded it to form a beautiful book cover.

Kathryn’s Commission

Lyn commissioned Kathryn to make a small cottage and people for her to give to her Irish niece. This is the finished item and Lyn and her niece were very happy. The writing on the side of the house says:

‘Nil aon tintean mar do thintean fein’, which translates from the Irish gaelic to ‘there is no hearth like your own hearth’ or ‘there is no place like home’.  This was the best translation Kathryn found for ‘home sweet home’ which she also put on the side.  This was a win win by all concerned.  Thank you Kathryn for a beautiful job.  By Lyn A.

Julie’s Nuno Scarf

Julie's Nuno Scarf
Julie is our member from Queensland. She attended a felting day at the cottage and made this beautiful White on White Nuno Felted Scarf. This was her first attempt at Felting. Great work Julie. By Lyn A.

Diane’s Felting

Diane's Scarf

This beautiful scarf was made by Diane on one of our felting Thursdays. The scarf is nuno felted with beautiful colours. This is a real standout and would look beautiful to wear with any thing.

Diane's Little People
And here are some more of Diane’s very cute little people.

Forest Floor Rug

Forest Floor Rug

This beautiful rug was designed and created as a collaborative effort by our members using ninety percent handspun, hand dyed wool fleece, alpaca, silks, cotton and camel, and made using a combination of knitting, crochet, weaving, French knitting, weave-it squares, felting and sewing techniques. This was originally designed and the wool all hand spun to create the textures in this stunning piece of art. The weaving was done on a Sampleit loom. The hours of work are too many to be estimated, however it was made with love. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine walking through the forest on this beautiful unique rug which is 187cm wide and 226cm long. A big thank you to all those who put in so many hours to create this magnificent piece.

Forest Rug

Some of the ladies working on the rug.