Megan’s Embroidery

Megan's PullworkThis is Megan’s current embroidery project.  Megan used the pullwork method, where threads are cut  and pulled out, leaving gaps which are stitched and pulled in various ways to create a multitude of effects.  Megan has been doing embroidery for more than seventy years.  What an achievement!

Linda’s Baby Clothes

Linda's Baby ClothesThese beautiful clothes and the blanket behind were made by Linda for a preterm baby in her family.  The detail in these clothes is amazing.  Linda’s work is always so neat and she has taken extra care with the dress, cape and blanket for this baby which is so special to her.  So much love has gone into this ensemble.

Linda's Cape

Linda’s Sashiko

Linda's sashikoHere is Linda doing a sashiko piece.  This project is done on maroon coloured cloth and not the traditional indigo blue.  Linda’s stitching is so neat so this will look awesome when she is finished.

Eileen’s Embroidery

Eileen's embroideryEileen has created this fantastic embroidery which I found hanging on the wall in the Cottage recently.  It comes complete with minature quilts which appear to be hanging over the balconies of terraced houses. It reminds me of being in Venice where all the Nonnas busily whack the draped rugs with a broomstick to remove the dust.  Very quaint.

Karen’s Embroidery

Karen's PatchworkHere is Karen with one of her patchwork squares.

Karen's embroideryKaren has some fabulous hand embroidered squares and is mixing them with other patchwork squares.  This will look fantastic when finished and we can’t wait to see the finished quilt.  By Lyn A.

Jenni Still At It

WedJenni2Here is Jenni with a great piece of handwork.  Jenni started this for her daughter’s 21st birthday and never finished it.  Now with a new light and magnifying glass to her name, Jenni is at it again.  This time for Christmas for her same daughter, now 33.  Never too late to pick up and finish off.  Love your work Jenni. By Lyn.