First Prize

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I entered my crocheted scarf along with a framed display into the knitting/crochet category at the Mangrove Mountain Country Fair this year, and won first prize.  The framed display told the story of the process the wool goes through on it’s journey to becoming a scarf.  My husband went in to the hall to look at all of the competition entries and spotted a woman describing my display to her child, so I’m happy that it was educational for someone.  I don’t want to overplay this because I must admit that there weren’t a whole lot of entries in some of the categories, but there were a few other knitted items that I saw displayed.  I was chuffed anyway, because I usually never win anything.  By Naomi.

School Holiday Scarf

I was searching for a pattern last week that was reasonably quick, reasonably easy as I haven’t crocheted for a while, and one that would work well with handspun.  I found the ‘One Skein Scarf’ pattern in Debbie Stoller’s ‘Stitch and Bitch Crochet – The Happy Hooker’ which is quite a mouthful for a book title.  I hand-dyed the wool a lovely burgundy colour, or perhaps claret, which you can’t really see properly in the photos.  Oh, well.  I then spun the wool, let it sit for a while and then got to crocheting.  And hey presto – I now have a nifty scarf, which you can wrap several times on a cold day as it’s pretty long, or once for a not so cold one.

Solomon’s Knot


















Here is our lovely Olive after dislocating her shoulder, still making her famous Solomon’s Knot scarves.  Olive has taught so many to make the scarfs and is preparing now for the next Exhibition. By Lyn.