Lyn’s Fashion

Lyn brought in a few of her clothing pieces that she had put together for a few events that we would be attending.  This is such an amazing crocheted jacket.

Next she modelled one of her lovely ponchos woven on the Saori loom.

Naomi modelled a couple of Lyn’s sleeveless jackets that she made using Saori woven scarves and wraps.

Lyn’s Hats

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Lyn made up a bunch of wacky hats for our open day and all the Spring Fairs that we will be attending this year.  Some are woven and a couple crocheted, but all absolutely fabulous. 

Deb’s Boots

Just look at these gorgeous boots decorated by Deb.  She crocheted a large amount of chain, and glued it very neatly onto a pair of boots which she bought for this project.  Deb got the idea from a youtube video!  They are amazing.

Hairpin Lace

This hairpin lace crochet loom was brought in by Denise the other day.  A friend from Geelong gave her the loom and she is now keen to try it.  I see a demo coming on Denise!

Yarn Bombing

I was walking around the back streets of Newtown recently and saw this beautiful example of yarn bombing at a bike rack.  Crochet in all the colours of the rainbow.  It’s a shame that riding the bike would ruin the decoration because who wouldn’t feel magnificent riding around town on this?


Deb’s Shawls

These two shawls were both crocheted by Deb.  She has used some of the wool that she has been dyeing recently.  Her latest dyeing experiments have been very successful I think.  I love the gradual colour changes.  Very effective.