Wool Bowls

Lyn Hilton from our neighbours, The Potter’s Society, has made some lovely pottery wool bowls for all our knitters and crocheters.  It stops your ball from rolling all over the place.  Won’t stop your cat from attacking it though.  We love Lyn’s beautiful bowls.

Collaborative Crochet

I was in Christchurch, New Zealand recently and in the art gallery they had a large, bright yellow crocheted piece hanging on the wall.  There were bench seats and a low table nearby with a lovely view of the hanging.  Yellow wool and crochet hooks aplenty were available for anyone with the ability and desire to make a piece to be added on.  What a brilliant idea.  Here’s my little offering.  Naomi.

Debbie’s Rug

I love Debbie’s amazing crocheted rag rug.  She made it using old sheets torn into strips using a size 25 crochet hook.  It is so heavy that it is difficult for one person to lift it!

Lyn’s crochet

Lyn has strung together some crocheted and knitted bits and pieces to be used as decorations when we have open days and such.  The pinks, purples and apricots look so lovely together.

Deb’s Mobius Scarf

Deb crocheted this very colourful Mobius scarf.  What a great way to use up leftover yarn from other projects.  You only need such a small amount of each yarn.  Super chunky so a quick project too.  Love it.