Wool Bowls

Lyn Hilton from our neighbours, The Potter’s Society, has made some lovely pottery wool bowls for all our knitters and crocheters.  It stops your ball from rolling all over the place.  Won’t stop your cat from attacking it though.  We love Lyn’s beautiful bowls.

Collaborative Crochet

I was in Christchurch, New Zealand recently and in the art gallery they had a large, bright yellow crocheted piece hanging on the wall.  There were bench seats and a low table nearby with a lovely view of the hanging.  Yellow wool and crochet hooks aplenty were available for anyone with the ability and desire to make a piece to be added on.  What a brilliant idea.  Here’s my little offering.  Naomi.

Lee’s Hats

Lee has been super busy making hats for the winter.  The top left hat was made using wool dyed during Trudie’s dyeing day.  The two bottom left were both made using Lee’s handspun which was dyed with natural dyes.  Most of the hats were done on a knitting loom.

Felting Workshop

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Our Felting Workshops have been in full swing. The first on 8th February was attended by ten people. This workshop was full and everyone made a hat or bag. This method was to allow the person felting to see how to wet felt over a template, fold over and finally remove the insert after the rolling procedure and begin the fulling. Debbie, Bel, Sukrita, Faye, Donna, Rhonda, Maggie, Laura and Connie got stuck into it and Katie came along to check it all out. Everyone participated in it and enjoyed the outcome of their accessories. Some then had a second go with a nuno felted scarf. There was no stopping them. Thanks to Gay for helping me as this was a full on day for all.

The second on 15th February was another very successful day with another eleven to do the felting. We were overfull, however we coped. Thanks to Sandra for coming along and making a cuppa for Lyn. We had thirteen but sadly Katie and Sukrita were sick and unable to come. My helper, Bev, had a fall and went to hospital for a replacement hip (what a way to get out of helping on the day). So it was certainly full on. Rachael (a newcomer), Erica, Debbie, Rhonda, Maggie and Carol all made hats. Every hat is different and fabulous. Donna decided to make a child’s hat and it is perfect. Kathryn and Bee each made a bag. Faye did a nuno felted scarf. Bee then decided to give Nuno a go and made a beautiful scarf. Thanks to all for helping in the clean up. I really appreciated it. Thanks to all who participated and your enjoyment made it all worth while.

By Lyn A.