Trudie’s Surprise

What an absolutely beautiful piece of knitting.  Trudie entered a challenge where a bunch of people all knitted the same garment, but they were only given the pattern a piece at a time, and no indication of what they were actually knitting.   Sounds fun and perhaps a little scary too.  Trudie used her own hand dyed wool to knit this amazing wrap.

Bev’s Dyed Fleece

Bev has once again dyed a large bag full of fleece for us to spin at demonstrations.  The previous lot lasted us for such a long time, but we have finally used it all.  Look out for some new colour in our demo spinning in the future.  Thanks Bev.

More of Naomi’s Dyeing

The above is raw fleece which was dyed and then carded, mostly from dorper sheep, which has lots of slubs in it but is very soft so feels beautiful. 

The wool above is all hand dyed tops, ready for spinning or felting, and below is a hand dyed piece made of cotton/nylon knit.  You then unravel it and re-knit something out of it to get a completely different dye pattern.  What fun.

Lee’s Natural Dyeing

Lee loves doing a bit of natural dyeing.  She made a dyebath using privet seeds soaked for five days.  The dyebath was a lovely purple colour.  The wool above was premordanted with alum and cream of tartar.  The fleece below had the same mordant added during the dyeing process.  Lee was a little disappointed with the colour as she was hoping for something a bit more purple, but that’s dyeing for you.  You get what you get! I like the colour though.  It looks like it could have come from a natural grey sheep.