Tuesday Creations

The following pictures are of items created from our Tuesday group of ladies.  The scarf by Faye was hand spun and woven using Merino and Cashmere wool.  It will be a Christmas present for her lucky family in America.

The kookaburra was crocheted by Margaret.  It will be taken to a little boy in Scandinavia along with a book called Fabulous Aussie Fables.  The book was written and illustrated by another of our members named Julie.

Stick Weaving

Lee has created a mat by weaving together her hand-spun and dyed wool.  The mat was woven on a stick weaving loom and then stitched together.  The hand woven wool was dyed various colours using black beans, onion peels, turmeric, avocados and flowers.  The result is a very thick, unique and rustic mat.

Knitting off the Bobbin


Jan S wearing her wild spun knitted off the bobbin shawl, her daughter is now suffering from shawl envy…. guess she’ll have to make another!

Jenny M (with her back to us) is wearing the fabulous creation from her wild spun off the bobbin shawl.

Spinning Wheel and Spindle

Sukrita has been playing around again.  The two skeins and the ball on the left were all spun into singles using a spindle and the skeins were plied using a spinning wheel.  On the right we have a pale skein of raw unwashed merino and both skeins on the right were spun using a spinning wheel and Navajo plied.

Wheel Donation

A very generous person donated this wheel to us recently.  It looks beautiful.  A little tender loving care by our equipment officers and this wheel will be spinning some fibre in the near future.