Olive’s Carving

Olive is so very talented.  She has done many, many different crafts over the years, and one of them is wood carving.  She brought this beautiful carving of a platypus in to show us recently as we had never seen any of her carvings before.  What skill!

Sydney Stitches and Craft Show

Stitches and Craft Show

Get ready for this years Stitches and Craft Show which now appears to be called IntoCraft Live.  The show is at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse from March 2nd through to March 5th, 2017.  The show runs daily from Thurday to Sunday, from 10am to 4pm.  Watch free demonstrations, take part in workshops and take home new skills.  A great place to wander around the exhibitions and get great ideas for your next project, or projects.


Lesley’s Coils

Lesley made these cute coils the other day as an experiment.  Charlotte had brought in some of her coils a while back to show us and this inspired Lesley to have a go at them too.  I love how at the Cottage, we all get inspiration from one another.  These coils remind me a little of owl eyes.

Julie’s Pompom Critters

Little pompoms
Everyone will remember Julie sitting on  Tuesdays and Wednesday nights, making her pom poms. Here we see the finished product and they look fantastic. Each one has its own personality.  Julie has amazed us all with the finished Little Critters.  Love your work Julie.  By Lyn A.


This beautiful Dream Catcher is made by Lynda H. Lynda and her daughter make these and wouldn’t anyone love to have this to catch their dreams.  Good ones that is. Beautiful work Lynda.
By Lyn A.

Rachel’s Mud Horses

Rachel's Mud HorsesRachel has been making these beautiful horse pendants which she is going to sell.  She makes three different sizes and will do commissions of people’s own horses.  Each one takes almost two hours to make.  These are so intricate and stunning too.

Rachel's Mud Horse

Pom Pom Workshop

Pom Poms Pom Pom Making Pom Pom Making
Louise F popped in on Wednesday night, 15th July, and off we went with great excitement!!!!  At a spur of the moment workshop, the Wednesday night “Table of Knowledge” ladies learned to make pom poms on table forks and fingers!!  Quick and easy, with Louise having made 2000 to throw at her son’s wedding in lieu of confetti.  Note:  No Certificates of Competancy were issued on the evening.  Thanks to Louise for her expert tuition.  By Lyndall B.

Paper and Card Making Day

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A wonderful day was had by all at The Cottage on Thursday 25th June.  We had a workshop on Paper Making and Card making.  A very big thank you to Katalin, a member or ours, for her time and effort she put in to making the workshop a great success.  We all went away with our brains full of knowledge and our kit Katalin had put together for us.  Firstly we learnt how to make the paper and we were all able to make a couple of pieces for ourselves.  We then went on with the art of decorating the hand made paper Katalin had supplied us with.  A great day and try not to miss it all next time.  By Lyn A.

Record plates

Record Plates
These Records have been made ready for the Gathering in 2016. The album covers will be used as place mats. The albums will be used as plates. It does not matter about the holes as these will be used for finger food only.  The bowls are for lollies, fruit and nuts.  To make these, firstly it is best to have a scratched record as then you are not ruining a good record. (How is it ruined as it looks fabulous?)  You then put the record on an upturned ovenproof utensil which is covered with baking paper.  I used a cheese cake base to do the plates and for the small bowls a baked bean tin.  For a larger bowl I use a stainless steel bowl or larger tin.  Place all on a flat tray lined with baking paper and pop into a warm oven (approx 160 C), to mould over the utensil. Keep an eye on this as if you leave it too long the record goes all mottley. This process does not take long and looks great. Make sure you open doors and windows for ventilation.  It is not too bad though. Have fun, by Lyn A.