Wool Bowls

Lyn Hilton from our neighbours, The Potter’s Society, has made some lovely pottery wool bowls for all our knitters and crocheters.  It stops your ball from rolling all over the place.  Won’t stop your cat from attacking it though.  We love Lyn’s beautiful bowls.

Rhonda’s Brie

It never ceases to amaze me when one of our members comes into the cottage with something completely different to what we usually bring in.  Rhonda hasn’t been a member of our group for long but everyone was absolutely thrilled when she brought in some of her home made Brie.  What a wonderful variety of skills we possess.

Bev’s Crazy Wooden Frames

Bev made these lovely framed pictures for Lyn when she recently became a grandma for the second time.  Bev spends a lot of time in the bush and found these gnarly pieces of wood with natural knot holes in them.  She then put in pictures of the two grandchildren and their little dog, Cindy.  Very creative.

T-Shirt Bags

Everyone throws out t-shirts, or donates them to their favourite charity store.  These two were part of my t-shirt collection that I didn’t really wear anymore, but were up there with the best at some point in my life, many years ago, so I didn’t want to get rid of them.  They weren’t worn out so I googled and got a few ideas for my trusty old friends.  There are plenty of tutorials out there describing how to make shopping or storage bags out of t-shirts so I decided upon these ones.  The Felix one is merely turned inside out, stitched with my sewing machine across the bottom, cut off the sleeves, leaving the seams for strength, and using a dinner plate to mark the size of the opening, then cut.  Voila!  The Triple J exploding head t-shirt is made the same at the top, but at the bottom, I cut off the seam, then used scissors to cut strips into the last three inches of the length, then simply tie knots all the way along the bottom, so this one has no sewing at all.  Now my t-shirts get a new lease of life and every time I go shopping I get to see my old favourites.  Naomi.