Faye’s Scarves

For the above scarf, Faye used an assortment of coloured commercial wools for the warp, and some handspun, hand-dyed wool for the weft.  Faye has only tried dyeing a couple of times so what a great result.

The white scarf has a tencel warp and the weft is angora and baby alpaca.  The middle scarf is made from commercial wool, and the scarf on the right has a commercial wool warp and a mohair weft.  I love the effect that the mohair gives to the weaving.

This one has a tencel warp and a handspun weft.  So many beautiful scarves by Faye.

Louise’s Mobius Scarves

Louise has been busy with the crochet hook recently. She has made two mobius scarves in lovely, soft mohair yarn. She did a long chain of over one hundred, then double crocheted until she had the desired width. Very effective and I love the yarns.

Sue Warps

Sue warpsSue is warping her loom with 2-ply wool to make a shawl.  She has some beautiful mohair on the shuttle for the weft which you can see at the bottom of the photo.  It’s going to be gorgeous.

Bev’s Felted Scarf

Bev's scarfBev has been spinning on Tuesdays for quite a few years, and has recently begun to attend our felting sessions which occur every second Thursday.  Bev has done a little felting before, but this is her first item with our Thursday group.  This lovely cream and white coloured piece is mostly alpaca with some mohair, and can be worn as a scarf or wrap.  Beautiful!

Birds Stealing My Fleece

This is exactly what happened to some of my rainbow fleece I was drying after washing and dying. Used in this nest is blue, yellow and red mixed alpaca, wool and mohair. Then the brown was from some brown alpaca also stolen from me. In this nest 2 eggs were laid and we watched them hatch. Sadly someone’s cat found them and one was gone. Then the second baby met its fate the same way. We do not even own a cat and this is in our back yard. I guess the moral to the story is that they were very comfortable while they were there.  Mum went to so much trouble to build the nest.


The picture shows how I dry the fleece and fluff it up.v If some hangs out or there is no wind around, I do not cover and the birds have a lovely time.  By Lyn A.

Lyn’s Purple Blanket

Lyn's knitted purple rug Lyn's purple rug


This rug has been knitted in panels of different widths.  Lyn purchased the wool after the Tuesday group mixed all of the different fibres together and spun and plied the yarn.  The purple mix was made up of wool, alpaca, mohair and plyed with a purple cotton.  A great blend and has made into a beautiful rug. By Lyn A.

What we did with our Fibre

wool creations

This is some of our beautiful mixture of dyed Alpaca, Mohair and Wool which the Tuesday group prepared a few weeks ago. The spinning and making of the garments has begun.
Left to right is our Raspberry Pie spun by Lyn, Aqua Sea spun by Lyn, Luscious Lavender spun by Naomi and Autumn spun and knitted by Vicky into a Scarf. What fun we had preparing it all and now the making into garments. Great times had by all and what a WOW factor of colours.
By Lyn.