Gathering Winners

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Jenni received first prize in the category Textile Arts: Colours of the Birds.
Lyn received first prize in the category Weaving, for her poncho which was modelled by Ruth in the fashion parade.
Margaret received first prize in the category Crochet, for her budgies in a tree.
Linda received first prize in the category Embroidery, for her embroidery thread box. The house has a ruler which slides into the chimney, a shoulder strap, zips to allow it to open flat and apparently wood flooring too!
Faye received first prize in the category Cardmaking, for her hand painted card with alpaca fibre on the alpaca.

Congratulations to all our ladies for an amazing effort.

A Great Gathering


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The Gathering was held at Morisset Baptist Church, Tuesday 7th March, 2017. Our Central Coast group was very well represented at the Gathering, with approximately 23 members attending. It was a very successful day for all. The work on display was of great quality and quantity. It was $5 entry with a lucky door prize, pen and voting papers. Also the free give away gift. (There were no raffle tickets or prizes as it was in a Church.) We started out with the Welcome and then on to the Fashion Parade. Our group had a lot of participants all showing their lovely items. Thanks to all those who paraded other members items. Bags were handed out to each table containing yarns, weave it squares, needles, hooks, puzzles etc. Each table participated in making a 4 inch square. These were judged and will be sewn into a rug for charity. The voting of the items was next on the agenda. The voting was a peoples choice and The Central Coast did extremely well. We won 5 sections and this was no mean feat. The quality was fabulous. We had a beautiful morning tea, lunch (wraps, bread, chicken, ham and salads, along with fresh fruit) and afternoon tea and plenty of sweets. Time to pack up and say good bye to all the other groups. Everyone had a great day and the Central Coast Handweavers, Spinners and Textile Arts Guild Inc. were fantastic. We can keep up with the best of them. Thank you, Beth and Lyn.

The Gathering 2017

Gathering 2017

The lovely ladies in the craft group at Morriset Baptist Church are running next year’s Gathering with a ‘colours of the birds’ theme. Click Gathering 2017 to see all the details.  We always have such a great time at the Gathering so I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the 2017 Gathering as much as I am.



Here are all of our lovely handmade aprons that we used for the Gathering and the Exhibition.


And here they are all ironed ready for us to wear them.  It was so wonderful to have unique aprons to wear for the events. We really stood out.

Gathering Tables

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Our tables at The Gathering looked absolutely fantastic. So many people put their creative hats on so that each of the tables would have a beautiful sea themed decoration. To top it off, each guest had a plate made out of an old album, with a cover for the placemat. There were bowls in the centre of each table too, made out of singles. So much work went into these so thanks to Lyn for organising this, and thanks to everyone who made a table centrepiece.

The Gathering Challenges

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Here are some pictures of many of the entries for the challenges at The Gathering, and some of the winners with their artworks. We had plenty of amazing entries so it was very difficult to choose just one for first place in each category.
Winners of the Challenge Sections for The Gathering are as follows:  
Skein of Yarn.   Won by Jean Piddington of Morisset.
2 winners.  Won by Ruth Saunders of Baptist group Morisset.
Hand Made Piece Woven. Won by Paula White of Central Coast.
Textile Art.
Hand Made Textile Art. Won by Linda Bagnat of Central Coast.
A4 size Sea Theme of any Textile Art. Won by Maria Mulhern of Morisset.
Hand Made Knitted. Won by Judy Linder of Wollombi Valley.
Hand Made Crochet. Won by Beth Davies of Central Coast.
Hand Made Nuno or Wet Piece Felted. Won by Anne Pearce of Central Coast.
Hand Made Felted Art Piece. e.g. Needle Felted Landscape. Won by Kay Haerland of Central Coast.
Quilt Challenge.
Participants were encouraged to create a quilt that was their representation and/or interpretation of the theme “The Sea”.
Size: Approx 18”x12” or 45cm x 30cm.   Won by Kay Haerland of Central Coast.

Thank you all for participating in the above Challenges at The Gathering 2016.

A Fashion Parade

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The fashion parade at The Gathering was so much fun. Everyone looked splendid showing off their handmade garments and accessories.  Eileen was reading the descriptions and there was much applause.