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Carla Morrison potter

Trudie Dekeijzer indigo dyer

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Open every Sat and Sun 11am to 3pm

at other times by appointment

Carla 0420 970 440     or       Trudie 0438 572 337

Wednesday Night Celebration

It was Margaret’s birthday last month, so a celebration was in order.

The Wednesday night ladies are enjoying Margaret C’s Birthday. Margaret puts a lot of extra work into being secretary and does a wonderful job.  Thank you and Happy Birthday Margaret. Love all your Friends at the Cottage.

Fibrefest 2017 Report

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Fibrefest at Singleton was held on 22nd October 2017 by The Knitters Guild of NSW. What a beautiful venue in Singleton at the Sisters of Mercy Convent.  We had a Guild Stall, along with our members Gay, Trudie, Clare, Lyn & Julie all having their own stalls.  The Guild stall did extremely well, as did our other members.  I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the members who contributed their time and effort on the day. Special thanks must go to Katie for her effort on the Guild Stall including before, start and finish. Gay, Julie and Lyn contributed to getting the members goodies there, setup and take away. Without the help of all members of the Guild, this would not be able to happen and it was indeed a huge success. We can be very proud of our Guild stall and the beautiful quality products our members had produced. We looked fabulous. Our Guild has a wonderful name amongst others and it is lovely to be admired by other Guilds. The place was a hive of activity with buses coming in from all over.  There were so many stalls and people. A huge success for all. Not only plenty of yarns to be heard, there was yarn, yarn and more yarn everywhere you looked.  Thanks again to all who attended and helped out. We really do appreciate it.

Mangrove Mountain Country Fair

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It was another great Country Fair for everyone this year.  Thankfully all the rain exhausted itself on Friday, and the day remained cloudy and a little on the cool side, but dry none the less.  We had Katie carding, Naomi spinning, Lyn weaving on the Sampleit loom and Julie weaving on the piccolo Saori.  We had a fantastic colourful display and a steady stream of onlookers all day.  Lyn had a bunch of the children at the fair trying their hand at weaving, and our yearly visitor was there again helping Katie with the carding.  Thanks T. for coming to help us every year.  We enjoy your company and enthusiasm.  Naomi gave away plenty of woollen bracelets again and we had plenty of the visitors admiring our handiwork.  We were across from the alpacas again so it was great to catch up with all the others with a stall from previous years.  We wove over three metres of fabric on the sampleit loom during the day, which was all carded and spun at the fair too. I had a lovely day.

Mangrove Mountain Country Fair

We will be at the Mangrove Mountain Country Fair again this year.  The Fair is on Saturday 21st October from 10am until 4pm.  This is a great day out.  You can see on the left the piece of fabric which we made last year.  We took dyed fleece with us which we carded using a drum carder, spun using a spinning wheel and wove on a small loom, the Sampleit Loom, all on the day.  We made plenty of woollen bracelets too so if you’re coming to the fair, make sure you come and see us, and get a free bracelet for all the kids.

Grammar School Spring Fair

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Lyn, Gay and Trudie attended the Central Coast Grammar School Spring Fair this year.  They had a lovely spot in the sun, although the day was pretty quiet for us. The ladies still had a nice day together.