Karen’s Handspun Alpaca

Karen Using the Niddy Noddy

Karen has an alpaca farm so she is always spinning alpaca fleece.  The fleece is always so soft and beautiful and her spinning is always super fine and super neat.  This fleece came from an alpaca called Kerrie-Anne and here is Karen winding off the bobbin and below is another skein from the same alpaca.  I look forward to seeing what this yarn will become.

Karen's Alpaca

Forest Floor Rug

Forest Floor Rug

This beautiful rug was designed and created as a collaborative effort by our members using ninety percent handspun, hand dyed wool fleece, alpaca, silks, cotton and camel, and made using a combination of knitting, crochet, weaving, French knitting, weave-it squares, felting and sewing techniques. This was originally designed and the wool all hand spun to create the textures in this stunning piece of art. The weaving was done on a Sampleit loom. The hours of work are too many to be estimated, however it was made with love. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine walking through the forest on this beautiful unique rug which is 187cm wide and 226cm long. A big thank you to all those who put in so many hours to create this magnificent piece.

Forest Rug

Some of the ladies working on the rug.

Bev’s Scarf and Hat

Bev's Hat and ScarfBev has finally finished the alpaca and wool hat and scarf for her niece’s 60th birthday.  The hat was completed at the beginning of April this year as you can see in a previous post, and she started spinning the wool toward the end of last year.  You can see her spinning the alpaca here.  Bev’s niece received her lovely gift during a visit to Australia in June.  So beautiful and very warm.

Karen’s Shawl

Karen's Shawl
Karen has knitted this beautiful shawl.  Karen only started knitting a few months ago and this is exceptional.  She used a commercial yarn to test this pattern before using her own Alpaca yarn when she spins it.  We can’t wait to see that when it is finished.  Great work Karen and keep it up.  By Lyn A.

Karen's Shawl

Karen’s Amazing Alpacas

KarenAlpaca3 KarenAlpaca2 KarenAlpaca1
We would like to congratulate our member Karen T.  Karen attends the Tuesday group and you will know Karen as our Alpaca Lady.  We do call her this with affection.  There seems to be nothing Karen does not know in regard to Alpacas.  Our congratulations go out for the wins, achieved by Karen and her Alpaca’s at The Royal Sydney Show.  The awards were:

  1. Best Black Suri.
  2. Reserve Champion Jnr. Male Suri.
  3. Champion Fancy.
  4. Paraders Supreme Champion.
  5. Paraders Senior Champion, Senior Reserve Champion and Intermediate Champion.
  6. Senior Champion Trainer and Supreme Master Trainer.

“Paraders” is made up of Showmanship and Stockmanship. Trainer awards are based on Stockmanship only. Keep up the great work Karen and the Central Coast Handweavers, Spinners & Textile Arts Guild Inc. wish you all the best in the future.  By Lyn A.

Bev’s Beret

Bev's BeretThis beautiful beret was made by Bev for her niece’s 60th birthday.  Bev handspun and dyed the wool and alpaca fibre and then knitted it.  Her niece lives in a part of America that gets rather cold in winter so she will get plenty of wear out of this lovely beret.

Chess Board

Chess board squaresThese squares are made out of knitted, undyed, handspun alpaca.  The fibre was all spun by Lyn A.  We had originally planned a weaving project, and then Debbie had a fantastic idea which was to make up a chessboard. A bunch of our members took home a ball or few and started knitting the squares.  A few more to go and it’s all done. Debbie is sorting out some large chess pieces as each square is eleven by eleven centimetres.  Can’t wait to see it finished.