Deb’s Dyeing

Deb has been scouring the op shops for wool yarn to practice her dyeing techniques.  Her experiments have been very successful so far and she has some beautiful yarns for her next projects.  The pink and blue yarn is alpaca which was originally pink only but looks much more interesting now.

Lyn’s Saori

Here are a couple of Lyn’s latest saori creations.  Above is a poncho woven with a beautiful soft merino/alpaca blend yarn which was handspun by Lyn.  Below is a saori woven piece which has been made into a top.  Keep them coming Lyn!

Alpaca Shop

A few weekends ago I went to Morpeth for the day. It is such a lovely little town with some great cafes and nice shops to browse in too.

One of those stores is the Alpaca Barn. There’s one in Pokolbin too, and another in the Rocks, Sydney. They have some lovely clothing made from alpaca, silk, merino, possum and such like. I got my sister-in-law a pair of gorgeous baby alpaca gloves for her birthday. They are so soft I could just touch them forever. They also had plenty of yarn made from the same fibres mentioned above, so lots for those who knit and crochet. We had a lovely time the day we went to Morpeth!

By Naomi.

Lyn’s weaving

This scarf/wrap was woven by Lyn on her Saori loom.  The warp is variegated cotton, and the weft is a beautiful alpaca and merino yarn handspun by Lyn.  The fibre for the warp came from New Zealand and was given to Lyn by some friends after their NZ visit.  Another beauty by Lyn.


Faye on the Drumcarder

Faye is busy making batts with the drum carder.  She is using a mix of black, brown and white alpaca in these batts. I predict a lot of spinning will be done at home over the next couple of weeks.  Faye is very productive.

Jess’s Art Yarn

Our new member Jess made this fantastic art yarn and hat.  This was the first art batt that she ever made with her drum carder. Everything was dyed by Jess. The yarn is a blend of angora, merino, corridale and mulberry silk with silver angelina fibres. She called it her “galaxy yarn”. It spun up 500gms so she made the hat that you see above and will make a blanket for her soon to be born nephew due in April.

Alpaca Spinning

Jenni and Naomi have both been spinning some alpaca.  Jenni’s is an off white, beautiful and soft, and Jenni’s spinning is coming along really well.  She is quite new to spinning.  The brown alpaca was spun by Naomi for someone who has an alpaca farm.  They did not really know what to do unfortunately so the fibre was prepared with the guard hairs still mixed in.  Oh, dear!  They were still really happy with it as they had never had any handspun from their own alpacas.