Denise’s Scarves

The blue scarf on the left is a wool and alpaca handspun that has been plied with cotton.  The two brightly coloured scarves are made using our harlequin handspun as the weft – one with a black cotton warp and one with brown.  The brown scarf is made using Denise’s first handspun wool.  A great selection of scarves from Denise.

Faye’s Scarves

For the above scarf, Faye used an assortment of coloured commercial wools for the warp, and some handspun, hand-dyed wool for the weft.  Faye has only tried dyeing a couple of times so what a great result.

The white scarf has a tencel warp and the weft is angora and baby alpaca.  The middle scarf is made from commercial wool, and the scarf on the right has a commercial wool warp and a mohair weft.  I love the effect that the mohair gives to the weaving.

This one has a tencel warp and a handspun weft.  So many beautiful scarves by Faye.

Faye’s Scarves

Here we have Faye’s latest weavings.  The first is a shawl using commercial wool for the warp and mohair for the weft.  The mohair makes it so nice and fluffy.

The second item is another of Faye’s lovely scarves.  It has a handspun warp of alpaca and the weft is handspun alpaca and tencel.

This scarf is made using tencel for the warp, and wool from Lindy Boschler for the weft.  More lovely work by Faye.

Faye’s Vest

This vest is a real masterpiece.  It looks fabulous on Faye.  She wove the fabric especially for the vest in two separate panels, joined together at the back with two leather buttons on the sides.  The fibre is a mixture of wool and alpaca.  The vest was woven on a knitters loom and of all hand spun fibre.  Beautiful work Faye.  By Lyn A.