Bobbins of handspunAlways wanting to try something new, I read about a plying technique called cabling.  It’s really very simple to do with what you already know, assuming you know how to spin two singles and then ply them together.  First you spin four singles in the same direction.  I do mine with a Z twist.  Then you ply two of the singles together in the opposite direction, so S twist for my plying.  Do this again for the other two singles, so you now have two standard plied bobbins. I used two colours only, two of each colour, but you could be really adventurous and use four if you like, or only one.  Whatever takes your fancy.  Now here’s where the cabling comes in.  You now ply the two plied bobbins together in the same direction as you did your singles, so for me that’s Z twist again.  And voila!  A cabled yarn.


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