An Amazing Coincidence

On my recent trip to Newcastle to see the art gallery, I stumbled upon the The Olive Tree Market. These markets are beautiful. They are in a lovely park with music playing, plenty of great food stalls and an abundance of artisan stalls filled with stunning hand made items. So I was wandering around oohing and aahing, thinking about the obscene amount of money I could spend here, when I came across a stall with all the pieces signed Nicole Berlach. All of her drawings were amazing but I particularly loved the one of the cicada, which you can see to the left of Nicole.  I commented to her that it was an unusual surname and that I knew someone who used to be a member of our guild with that very same surname. Well, it turns out that our friend Sue Berlach is Nicole’s mother-in-law. ‘Wow’, we both exclaimed. So we had a nice little chat and took a photo which you can see above.  What a great day that was!


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  1. Wow…..will have to mark this little market down in my “to see” list!!…….beautiful drawings.

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