A Spot of Dyeing

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I love dyeing wool.  I think I’ve probably said it before, but over the last couple of weeks I got myself into a bit of a dyeing fervour.  First off I was going for bright colours using whatever tops I could lay my hands on, and then Debbie mentioned that she had seen, and more importantly squished, some wonderfully-dyed soft merino which was then wound into little doughnut shapes for display.  So I thought I’d give that a try and I must say the doughnuts do look very impressive.  They also feel lusciously soft.  My husband thinks they look like icecream swirls, and my daughter says that the pastel shades remind her of fairy floss.  I think I do spot that hyperactivity-blue colour that processed-food companies love to put into children’s snacks.  So I’ll have to bring the swirls into the cottage so that Debbie can do the squish test and see how they shape up so to speak.  By Naomi.

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