A little information about our groups


Our Tuesday group of ladies  cover a vast age group, with so much knowledge and talent  to share with others.
We all have varied interests and manage to achieve all sorts of activities in our group.
You may see us spinning, dyeing, carding and other types of wool preparation, knitting, crocheting, needle felting, weaving, or other crafts if anyone feels like doing something a little different.  The main activity really depends on who is there on the day, so sometimes we will have a lot of people spinning, other times a lot of weaving, but there is always a bit of a mixture.  We set ourselves projects for the group and all get involved.
Newcomers are always welcome and we are all eager to have you involved in everything going on.

Wednesday Night

The Wednesday night group do varied things, depending on what the group as a whole wants to do.   We do a lot of felting and run groups with lessons in whatever anyone is interested in at the time.  We have many types of crafts happening such as spinning, sewing, knitting, crochet, dyeing wool, felting along with anything else we feel like on the night. We all share the knowledge around and this makes a great team. Everyone is made very welcome.

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