Sue’s Skein

It seems everyone is making heckles at the moment and experimenting with blending ever since Trudie introduced us to her home made heckle a few weeks back.  Sue blended some fibre with her heckle and navajo plied the single that she spun to make this beautiful yarn.

Denise’s Dyeing

All of the above photos show Denise’s dyed tops and yarns from Trudie’s dyeing workshop.  Trudie used Landscape dyes and Wilton’s food dye.  In the above photo, the brighter skein is from the first dyeing and the second skein and tops are from the second dyeing from the same pot.

Denise blended the tops in the first photo using a heckle which was made for her by her husband.  It looks awesome.

Faye’s Spinning and Weaving

Above is a bobbin of Faye’s beautiful handspun tencel.

And here is a ball of Faye’s plied tencel and alpaca.

The scarf above was woven by Faye in mostly plain weave and a bit of pattern to accent.  The weft is Faye’s handspun.

This lovely scarf/wrap was woven by Faye using all handspun for the weft.  Those bright colours look like the harlequin mix from our fibre day.

Spinning Study Group

We are thinking of starting a spinning study group at the cottage from about mid March 2018.  It will most likely be on a Saturday afternoon, once a month and will be timed to not clash with other Saturday events currently scheduled.  Let Trudie know if you are keen so we can gauge interest.

Margaret’s Tapestry

Margaret is an amazing weaver who has been at this craft since she was a young girl.  This gorgeous tapestry depicts the legend of how St Francis of Assisi tamed a wolf that was devastating a town called Gubbio, in Italy. If you would like to read the story,  you can read it at taming the wolf.  It is a lovely story, and this is an awesome piece.

Onion Skin Dyeing

A couple of weeks ago we did an onion skin dyeing day.  Everyone saved all of their onion skins, brown or red.  All got mixed in together.  Anyone who wanted to put some fibre or yarn into the dyepot brought it in that day.  Everyone got an early start so that the dyeing could be done in the morning.  Lee did a lot of stirring as you can see above.

The dyepot looks a great colour.

Gaye is taking some of the fibre from the dyepot and squeezing out the water.

This fibre has a great hue, and will look fantastic when spun.

Deb is having some fun with her skein of wool that is still damp.  A great success.