Kathryn’s Vest

This beautiful vest was knitted by Kathryn for her daughter Rosie. This was knitted with a very thick commercial wool. Coconut buttons were put on for the finishing touch. Rosie will be very snug and warm in this.  By Lyn A.

Trudie’s Scarf

This scarf was woven by Trudie when she was first learning to weave.  It was made on a four shaft loom using hemp for the warp and baby wool for the weft.  You can see that the two sides look slightly different, especially the colour of the crosses.

The McMorran Balance

Trudie brought in her yarn scale to show us the other day.  It is used to measure the yards per pound of any given yarn.  To use the McMorran balance, you take a length of yarn and place it over the scale.  Cut the sample about a half inch at a time, until the scale is balanced.  Measure your piece of yarn that is left over in inches.  This amount is then multiplied by 100, which gives you the number of yards per pound for your handspun wool.  How clever.

Open Day

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The Precinct Open Day was a great day. We weren’t detered by the wind and everyone had a great time. Enjoy the photos everyone.